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Le Mars Little League thanks supporters

Curveballs are a part of baseball and softball, 2020 gave us a year of curveballs. COVID was one of those. With Little League International canceling their season and with safety always being a top priority, the Le Mars Little League Board of Directors canceled the 2020 season. We know this disappointed many players, families and members of the community. This wasn't a decision the board made lightly, but it was what the board believed was best for the kids and the community we serve.

Even though we were not able to have a season in 2020 due to the pandemic, the Little League fields were still in heavy use with family outings and multiple local teams playing baseball and softball. Through the generosity of your donations, we were also able to accomplish the goals of replacing the original backstops from 1984 on Fields 1-4 along with the overhead safety netting so the players and fans will be safer for many seasons to come. The reasons for this project were the two devastating floods from 2018, 2019 as well as 36 years of wear and tear.

The Board of Directors wants to recognize the generosity of the businesses, the community of Le Mars and the surrounding areas for your support in 2020. Remember, shortly we will be getting ready for another season and we will need everyone once again to continue to have a successful Little League program.

From the entire Le Mars Little League Board of Directors -- THANK YOU!!!

Attached is a list of all those who supported our program in 2020 through donations.



Clark & Carol Schmitz

Dan F Pick

Larry & Luene Petersen

Bill McDougall

Henrietta Farmer

Donald & Pearl Schnepf

Ms. Joan McCarty

Mike McDougall

Mark Bohner

Mayrose Body Shop

Inez Hoogeveen

The Hurd Family

Jim Beckwith

Jerry Reardon

Marcine Hames

Kevin & Rebecca Mayer

Mark & Elrane McMillan

Wayne & Kelley Pick

Mark & Deb Herzberg

Ms. Lois Allen

Ron & Gerri Jones

Judith DeBoer

Robert E. Plueger

Bruce & Cindy Hanno

Denny & Jerri Callahan

Don & Dolores Lake

Tim & Sharon Anthony

Don & Etta DeJager

Pat Siebens

Doug & Vonice McDougall

Todd & Roma Lancaster

Leona Becker

David & Nancy Augustine

Jenieta Campbell

Arlis Luedtke

William F Foley

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Plueger


Dennis & Diana Bixenman

Scott & Jill Renken

Larry & Dorothy Ruhland

Elaine Kennedy

Dale Cook & Glenda Haverhals

Ron & Marlene Hanstein

Kirk Kronaizl

Terri & Kent Pauling


Blake & Rebecca Ahrendsen

Sharon Langmeyer

Bob & Ruth Kenaley

Richard & Lennice Rohlfs


Matt & Gayle Ahlers

Margaret Adler

Jerry & Audrey Scholten

Larry & Sue Gengler

Schmidt Farms & Seed - Adam & Amy Schmidt


William & Marleen Baugous

Randy Reardon

Matt Reuter Construction

Shirley McNaughton

Kolbeck, Inc.

Matt Walker

Christopher Lauther

Tom & Joyce Pick

Jacob Squires

Brad & Joyce Feuerhelm

Georgia Rohlfsen

Gary & Donna Mousel

Ina Gatts

Culligan Water

Doug & Ellen Wells

Caryl A. Schultz

Mick & Gayle Even

Gerald Westhoff

Dave & Patty Hill

Heath and Pam Husk

Jerry's Pizza of Le Mars

Joyce Borchers

Kappler Mechanics - Gene Kappler

Edna Johnson

Mary Jo & Lynn Steckelberg

Don & Mary Jane Kellen

Joyce Brownmiller

Dreckman Excavating

Norma Martfeld

Steve & Sue Hansohn

Gary & Laura Miller

Marjorie Kramer

Darvin Ladenthin

Dr. & Mrs Leslie Hemmingson

John & Judy Ripperda

Chuck & Lois Newill

Roy & Mary Sitzmann


Holzman Trucking Inc

Daniel & Nancy Schroeder

Tyler & Sterling Meyer

Bob & Deb Majeres

Brent & Mindy Ruhland

Marty & Jean Ann Weiland

Steve & Kim Wick

Sandra Atkinson

Don & Ellen Kerr

Andrew Geha, Deeane Otto

Todd & Betty Wendt

Michael & Kelli Langel

Joe & Aleisha Grasz

Ruth Borchers

Ruth Borchers

Fern Schulz

Dennis Lundgren

Carol Clarey

Loretta Schnepf

Rexwinkel Funeral Homes


Milford & Sharon Herman

Jeffry & Mary Driggs

Murphy, Collins & McGill, PLC


Gene & Lorie Nussbaum

Duane & Sharon Popken

Le Mars Daily Sentinel

Matt & Mary Baue

Helen Flaherty

Kathi Brodersen & Gary Nielsen

Ken & Marge Hansen

Marcel or Vickie Konz

Chris Stinton

Doug & Karen Carlsen

Marlene Schulz

Ruth Grasz

Tom & Val Stonesifer

Bruce & Barbara Ludwigs

Larry & Jacqueline Tolzin


Pauline Bonderson

Chad & Jeanne Hansen

Ron & Angela Kneip

Mike Kluemper

Drs. Steve & Jolene Meis

Barb Shilling

Sue Richardson

Mary Messerole

Kevin & Christi Calhoun

Jo Ellen Cronin

Doug & Jackie Langel

Charlene Durr

Wayne Marty

Ed & Denise Rolfes

Dean & Lisa Christoffel


Glendon & Lynn Peterson

Norman & Elvira Nielsen

Judy Hawkins

Charles & Jean Neuroth


Jim & Mary Lou Kestner

Pigeon Heuertz

Bob & Donna Woods

Greg & Pam Wells

Joan Wendl & Bob Thomas

Marjorie Lorenzen

Kay & Jeff Petersen

Chuck & Linda Van De Water

Shaun & Megan Couch

Lowell & Pat Penning

Steve & Anietra Janssen

Craig & Cristi Bauerly

Dave & Elizabeth Brennan

Mike & Kim Clarey

Doris Ruhland

Janice Plueger

Erdmann Enterprises LLC

Aurelia Scott

Steve & Marie Hurt


Ed & Gerry Sue Krienert

Ross & Amanda Small

Harvey Begnoche

Tom & Pam Jeneary

Roger & Marceta Claypool

Mark & Michele Britton

Bob & Lori Schlesser

Ken & Ginny Freyermuth

Michael & Cheryl Wells

LeMars Ealges Aerie 1381

Clark & Jolynn Goodchild

Alan & Carol Feuerhelm

Del & Lori Kellen

Beth Kehrberg

Jean Heeren

Daniel Delperdang

Brian & Michelle Koonce

Julie Phelan

Brian Erickson

Tim & Beth Rollinger

Derald Philips

Jim Gergeni

Norm & Ruth Barker

Orville & Barb Hames

Wayne & Julie Beitelspacher

Garry & Barbara Pape

Wayne & Lynette Kruse

Bruce A. Postma

Donna Kewley

Phil & LeAnn Arens

Shirley Criswell

Siouxland Fabricating, Inc.

Hair Attractions

Mary Campbell

The Lasting Image

Wells Enterprises

NAI Electrical Contractors

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