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IMPORTANT: Parent & Guardian participation policy for ALL divisions of play

Updated: Mar 6, 2023



As most of you are well aware, the Le Mars Little League is a volunteer organization. We survive each year because you (most of you) volunteer either as a Board Member, Coach, work the concession stand on your team night schedule or as a base umpire/scoreboard operator. That is what makes the Le Mars Little League program so successful - your willingness to help out where needed. The problem is that each year more and more parents have decided that it is the Board’s responsibility to provide the manpower to operate the program. Some of you have refused to do your part even after being reminded that you agreed to by signing your registration forms. Many of you have let us know – in no uncertain terms – that these duties are not your responsibility but ours as Board Members. Of course, that is not true. Just because some of the parents have volunteered to do a little more – by becoming a Board Member, Coach, work in the concession stand or base umpire/scoreboard operator - does not mean they are willing or even have the capability to do it ALL.

**Beginning this season, when you register your children, you as Parents/Guardians are agreeing to attend your son/daughter team scheduled parent meeting. **If your son/daughter is in the Junior & Major Division you must fill out your team base umpire/scoreboard nights and work the one night your team is scheduled in the concession stand.** If everyone cooperates and does what they say they are going to do by signing this form, then everything should work out.

However if this does not solve our Parent/Guardian participation problem, there is a good chance that we will be forced to make a significate increase next year to the registration fee for all. We would prefer not to increase fees for this purpose but we NEED to have people basing umpiring/scoreboard operators and concession stand workers. If we are forced to hire people to do those jobs that we are asking Parents/Guardians to help by participating in their children’s program, then we will be forced to substantially raise registration fees.

AGAIN we prefer not to have to make significate increase to registration fees but we are a volunteer organization and to keep fees in line we need the Parent/Guardian participation. To those of you who have always done your part in the past – THANK YOU!!! What you do is very much appreciated!!!

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